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    hi guys,
    ive got xmas exams coming up and i need some new techniques for revision. anyone got any suggestions?
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    People come up with all manner of crazy revision techniques, from simply making posters and writing out notes, to writing songs to remember terms or rules. Personally I do whatever keeps me motivated ( I revise in a manner I’m most likely to enjoy ) as I find this most efficient. What subjects and to what level are you trying to revise?
    Here are some websites that might give you a bit of general inspiration:
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    Mm, I do a variety of revision techniques for different subjects!

    - I don't know the name for it but, for example take a key word from one of your subjects. Take the term 'growth' in my subject this refers to an increase in measurable quantity, such as height and weight. So I drew pictures to help me to remember; I drew a ruler, an arrow going up and weights.
    - Mind dump (I don't personally find this helpful, but you might!), you just write down everything you can remember from a specific subject area, then see what you missed.
    - Mind maps, or any other format, to condense the information down. For example for one subtopic I can have 5 pages of notes that I need to know, but I am able to reword the information in a similar way to 2 pages, as well as highlighting the key words.
    - Quizlet! This has really helped me, e.g https://quizlet.com/Bethg5 - This is mine. For me it helps in two ways; you have to get your work out and go through it, reading everything - see how you want to word the information and then you can do mini games using the information. You can include pictures and label the diagram if you want.
    - Past papers! always helpful to see how the questions will be worded, a question looking for the same answer could be worded differently! check with your teacher. For example, I take sociology and got these questions "Outline the nature of religion", "Explain the definitions of religion," I didn't know this at the time but these questions are both after the same answer.
    - Flashcards. Question on one side and the answer on the other. Or sometimes I'd give someone my text book and ask them to ask me random questions.

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    those all sound great, thanks
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