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Posting this again to get as many opinions as possible. .. watch

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    Ive always said to myself " I must go to uni , i must do this to be respected and successful ". Maybe this was deluded of me ? ... Il get straight to the point. I don’t even know what i want to study i looked into it, i ordered lots of uni guides and i still couldn’t decide. i dont even think i ever even want to go now .... I finish sixth form in September. I thought about Marketing at Aberystwyth Uni, but then i discovered higher apprenticeships, and i thought , why jump into a 3/4 year course that im not even sure about , when i can do e.g.a Marketing assistant apprenticeship, and so many more ? I originally wanted to go to uni, for years..It was my dream, but when i was completing Personal Statement on UCAS , i dont think my heart was in it. I also considered sociology, but then i thought, do i really want to study that? Im not even sure if i really want to go in to that field , i personally think it would be a waste to study a bunch of studies on this subject for 3/4 years when i could read alot about this though books and the internet out of pure interest ( sorry to anyone who is doing this subject, its just my personal opinion, i also think that this subject doesn’t have good job prospects either). I have this fear.... If i dont go to uni, il be seen as a failure. My cousin was head boy at his school and he went to Cambridge Uni ,hes very smart and i respect him , he has a very good job, and he keeps telling me IF I DONT GO TO UNI il be at a great disadvantage , and i wont earn as much in a life time. He’s even told my mum “Encourage Natalie all you can to go to uni ”. What would be a good explanation when I tell him im not going to uni? See, their i go, worrying again about what other people think. I guess he has my best interest at heart, but im not Cambridge material, but who is right , not many.  But does this really matter? I think I’ve worried too much about the opinion of others. As long as i earn a somewhat decent wage.... As long as i work hard and get lots of experience ... Im not anti - uni, if someone thinks its right for them, if they want to be a doctor, a lawyer etc then good for you  . But, as you get older for many other things , do people even care if you have a degree? Maybe degrees have become devalued? As so many people go to university now for anything . Any thoughts ? what have your experiences been like with / without a degree? Does anyone regret doing a degree? Does anyone regret not doing a degree? How did you get on with higher apprenticeships etc? ive even thought, what if i meet a nice man who has a really good job and a degree, will he judge me for not having one? Or am i just being ridicules !?!!! Sorry to ramble on. Im glad to get this off my chest. Thank you kindly for reading : )
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