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Think I was born with herpes??

19 years of age, never had sex.
Ever since I was a child I've had what I believe to look like herpes sores. I've never had an 'outbreak' as such the're just sort of there. Never get worse, never get better. Never paid much attention and put off going to see anyone about it. But now it's getting to a point where I need to find out whats going on. I also don't have any symptoms of herpes (Those that i've seen when googling the sti)

The only questions I really have are;
1) How do I go about getting seen for an sti checkup etc.
2) What else could it possibly be?
3) How do I tell people about it if (God forbid) I do have an sti.

Just basically need advice because im very socially anxious about these sorts of things and I feel like there's nobody i can speak to without being judged or going bright red in the face and wanting to cry in my room for a week.
Hi there, there's no need to be ashamed or embarrassed about this, doctors in STI clinics and GPs have seen everything. If I were you I'd book an appointment with my local GP and see what they say and whether anything can be done (ie. any creams or medication) or whether you'll need to take it further. It is possible to be born with an STI but that's only possible if your mother has any STIs; and then naturally it would be passed onto you in the womb or through breastfeeding. But bear in mind this doesn't tend to happen frequently at all.
If you've never had sex it's extremely unlikely it is herpes, but book an appointment with your GP and see what they say. Good luck with this x
Hey, you never said if you're a boy or girl which is kinda important as well as where it is as boys can get penile papules and fordyce spots which aren't STIs at all but can make people think they have them (though apparently it's just a self consciousness thing and others don't care about it). I've seen threads on 4chan of people with it and they all pretty much have both and thought they were STIs until they found out what they actually were.

I think girls can get it too if you are one though that's only from a pic I saw on images when searching it just now. May still be worth going to the doctors even if this is it though it is likely nothing to be worried about as it is extremely rare to be born with an STI especially outside of HIV, to the point where I'm not sure if it's possible.

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