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How do you overcome shyness? I mean whenever I get called in lessons, I tend to say “I don’t know the answer” instead of at least attempting to give an answer. The worst part is most of the time I do know the answer or has an idea of what the answer might be. I have no problem with speaking English as my friends told me I speak good English. However, when I’m in panic mode I just stutter and completely shut down. What can I do to overcome this problem? I am really trying my best.
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In my experience, it is best to practice talking people and engaging in conversations rather than avoid them. I know this sounds difficult if you are shy, but you need to start. For example you could go to a shop and ask an assistant questions about different products, for as long as you can hold the conversation. But honestly, you need to this consistently and try not to avoid situations otherwise it won't work. And as for your panic mode, I understand what you mean, I believe this is to do with feeling too anxious, hence the brain freezes. If you feel that you are getting anxious, then maybe consider meeting a counsellor or GP. I hope this helps, I used to be shy too, experience changed me over time.

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