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I’ve received an invitation to an interview for Neuroscience at the University of Manchester on 6 December 2017. I was wondering - do they offer interviews to everyone or only select people ? And how likely is it that I will be made an offer ?

Is the dress code formal? I don’t know what to expect and a bit nervous tbh! I’m assuming they just wanna know why Neuroscience, why Manchester? I’m gonna go over my PS again but would it be useful to research abou the uni??

Thanks all! Any tips would be super helpful
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I went for an interview for physics and the head of admissions said that pretty much everyone here will receive an offer. He then said that the interview was very informal because of this and and that it’s just to get to know you and you to get to know them.

However my interviewer absolutely grilled me and asked me so many questions that I just had to say I don’t know. He asked me to reproduce experiments, solve differential equations and talk about quantum theory etc. He kept scrunching up his face when ever I started talking, he kept looking at his watch and was generally a bit of a joke. When I got out of the interview I asked how everyone elses went and they said they just had a chat and didn’t get asked any questions. One guy said they asked how he revised for GCSEs but that was about it.

A week or so later I got rejected from Manchester despite being told that pretty much everyone has got an offer. Very strange but poor from them in my opinion.

Revising your personal statement is a good idea bc my guy asked a lot of questions on it.
The dress code is informal, most people wore jumpers jeans t shirts etc.

Good luck for your interview and hopefully your interviewer isn’t like mine 😂

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