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Hi, I am currently writing a reasearch paper on climate change (Political Science) Details below:
Does the changing climate pose a threat to states national security? The prevalence of the notion “climate change” as a threat to our way life is taking up the news we consume daily. Super hurricanes, megafires and droughts seems to be the new normal, ravaging our ecological system, displacing whole populations. This is presenting challenges to states conduct and the way of governance. A shift may have occurred in the way the problem is framed, moving from the domain of soft politics (conserving and protecting the environment) to the hard realm of security politics. I want to look at if/how the issue of climate change is being securitized in an American context. If such a framing is occurring, its implications. Perhaps a mechanism of exclusions is apparent to with regards in how to deal with the problem and its solutions.
Research Question: 1) How has the issue of climate change been securitized on the governmental level? 2) Has the framing made possible for a certain kind of solutions and excluded others? Extra or alternative: 1) How has the issue of climate change been framed with regards to the Bush administration and the Obama administration? 2) Are there any similarities and differences around the framing process? Material: The United States will be the object of focus, I find this the most adequate realm of research, as the leading nation who often make or break international agreements with regards to the environment this will be my area of interest. I am leaning towards primary sources in form of policy documents from the pentagon, department of homeland security, department of justice, hearings in the congress and the senate, speeches from government officials with regards to the environment. I have not made a clear demarcation with regards to the time of which the research will take place.
Theory: The theory in use will be the concept of Securization, this is the process where state actors transform various subjects into a matter of security, issues are framed in a way of a threat to the national security or a state’s survival. The threat does not necessarily have to be real or concrete but rather could be a product of a certain actor’s success with framing an issue as a matter of security. It deals mainly with: Who securities – what issues – for whom – in what conditions and why.
I am having problem on the material front, regarding time period related to demarcation. I am searching for material with regards to hearings (congress) (senate), do you have any tips regardings this?

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