Russian trolls convince Spanish Defence Minister that Catalan leader was Russian spy

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The Minister of Defense, María de Cospedal, has been the victim of a joke by two comedians posing as members of the Ministry of Defense of Latvia to inform her that former Catalan President Puigdemont is a Russian spy nicknamed Cipollino.

Russian humorist Alexei Stoliarov identifies himself as the Latvian Minister of Defense and offers Cospedal to share with her information from the Latvian intelligence services on the role of Russia in the Catalan conflict.

Among other issues, he informs the Spanish minister that the expresident Puigdemont has been working "for the Russian Intelligence for a long time" and that his nickname is Chipolino. He also indicates that 50% of Russian tourists traveling to Catalonia are, in fact, "part of the russian special sevices".

At various moments in the conversation, Latvian aid is offered, including the participation of the Army.

"I would like you to take it seriously, in any case we are willing to support you with the displacement of our army in the territory of Barcelona in very short terms," ​​the comedian tells the minister, who is grateful for the information throughout the conversation, and promises to forward it on to the Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, with the possibility of a personal meeting.

On the situation in Catalonia, the Minister of Defense points out in the conversation that she is "somewhat more controlled" and recalls that the "lies" of the Catalan independence movement are "being unmasked throughout Europe". "But it is important that the whole truth be known," she says of the possible Russian collaboration with the former Catalan government.

Cospedal denies that she 'swallowed' the joke After releasing the video Cospedal said that at no time trusted the Russian humorist. "It was a very strange conversation," the defense minister admitted. "I asked to speak in English and they did not want, they have removed the translator," he explained in a note on his personal Twitter account.

Cospedal, who during the conversation with the comedian shows his disbelief when he is informed that 50% of Russian tourists traveling to Spain are agents of the Kremlin, has stressed that she stopped talking by not trusting his interlocutor.

During the meeting, she states that she is grateful for the information received and agrees to transfer it to the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, with the objective, even, of a possible personal encounter.


*Laughs in Russian*

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