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Hi! I'm offering to help beginners of Japanese.

I took a Japanese A Level in 2014 and want to brush up my knowledge as I have not studied it since and am going to do it at uni (2018).

I still have a rather good knowledge of it due to having friends in Japan but would like to get used to actively studying it again. I can try to help from beginner if you like either through skype or a preferred contact of your choice.

My current access teacher suggested the idea as it has been a while since I studied it and I think it's a pretty cool way of getting back into it.

So yeah, let me know if you'd like me to help. Can help with writing/grammar/vocab etc.

If you want to learn and don't want to take me up on it, I recommend the Genki series of textbooks as well as learning hiragana and katakana early on in your studies.

Interactive Hiragana chart

Interactive Katakana chart

Obviously I also recommend getting a language partner from Japan if possible once you have mastered the basics but I can also push you in the right direction.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

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