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As the title suggests I am very indecisive and I don't know what to do. PLEASE READ ALL OF IT THANKS>

I am currently in year 12, re- sitting for first time (Because of Issues with my personal life), I started school 5 weeks late as I couldn't find any colleges to resit until now After contacting 70 colleges.. I am currently doing Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. I love chemistry and Psychology, But I am not sure with Biology, as I am not as passionate about it compared to my other A levels. My teachers are saying just stick with your current A levels and you will 'learn' to love them. I don't find biology hard but I can see myself enjoying other subjects similarly. I just want to get into a field where it's it all (Financially reward, higher in the hierarchy in terms of subjects, and it fulfills me.), and I am very fascinated with atoms, particles and energy and chemistry and etc.

My problem is I don't know what I want from A- levels or my life. I am not sure If I want to be a doctor, engineer or Investment banker (for the financial rewards)

GCSE's relevant to this thread that I got:
Maths B (3 marks from an A)
Statistics (B)

My worry about my A levels is that of lesson content, I feel overwhelmed with Biology and Psychology content by I know it's doable, I always regarded myself as a Logical personality (INTP), so I believe something with Maths or STEM is going to be good. My maths teachers were inconsistent and didn't teacher it properly, I was messed up during GCSES exams due to bereavement and health issues and I had go through GCSE'S and resit my AS level. I feel I might be better in less content heavy but I don't know as all A- Levels are hard. I love chemistry so I don't know if I should go for one step below which is biology or one step higher than chemistry which is physics - that's what I meant about the hierarchy as I feel maths<physics<chemistry<biology< psychology - High to low in terms of reputation in the field. don't get offended by it thanks.
I'm so frustrated that I don't have a passion and I only like psychology because of my issues. Sorry If you don't understand but Please help and ask.

I don't know what to do. Should I go for a more interesting subject like Physics and/or maths or stay with my subjects but so far I felt like doing either:
Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Phsyics
Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Psychology
Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology
Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology

I don't know If I should do physics because I love chemistry and essentially it's applied physics or biology which is applied chemistry, I want to be in a field that is regarded as top but I don't know what job will fulfill me, I want to go to a good university so I rather not do a foundation year but might consider it.

My teachers have been skeptical and don't think I should do them because I may struggle but I know if I want to do something I will do it, First I wanted Biology really badly, now I want Physics and Maths., What the hell is wrong with me?

I just want to keep my options open and I don't know what to do. I just want a financially successful career and Live a good life without anxiety is that too much to ask. UGHHHHHH!!! MY ANxiety IS SO High Right NOW.

They say it's hard but I haven't experienced it but you never know I might learn and become very good at them. AS I LOVE THINGS THAT ARE Logically satisfying. equations in chemistry is the best.

I don't know if I should speak to someone , no one is helping, and I don't know what I want so please don't tell me to follow my heart or do what you think is best, no career advisor are helping but I appreciate people effort for helping.

Thanks and Please Reply ASAP.

I have a higher interest in physics than biology but biology so far clicks
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If you want to keep your options open
Pick Maths,Bio,Chem and Physics only if you enjoy them

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