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    The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has announced that the government will publish its Autumn Budget this Wednesday (22 November 2017.)

    The Autumn Budget sets out the government’s plans for the economy based on the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility.

    Some ideas about what will be seen are on Sky News here.


    What would you like to see in the plan for Autumn?

    Specifically, what changes would you like made to tuition fees and student loans?

    Also - if you're interested in sharing your thoughts about the above with BBC 5 Live, send me a PM!

    The main things that I would like to see are a higher minimum wage (although unlikely) and more NHS funding. However for students I would ideally love no tuition fees but realistically they should be capped or reduced as very few people end up paying them off in the end anyway.

    I'd like to see something done to help housing prices, and will be interesting to see what they do to help or hinder motorists, especially diesels. NHS funding will be nice, but however much more that gets commited, won't ever be enough, there will always be moaning on that topic, public sector pay etc, just the way we Brits are.

    Housing. If Hammond does not deliver something on housing he is finished.

    Re-brand the student loans as a student tax for starters

    Keep tuition fee's.
    Removing tuition fees would makes places at unis far more competitive and you would see uni's drastically get smaller, lack of funding, spaces get more competitive, unis take top graded students, who you will find are disproportionately from the upper middle class with private education.

    I got a job to help me pay my fee's
    so... fee's are coming out of my own pocket I value the education more

    And finally Its not fair for an 18 year old who has gone straight into the workforce has to pay for his peers university education who will have far better job progression, than the fella who payed for him to be there .

    Significant investment in productivity-improving investments such as infrastructure, both in of roads, bridges etc as well as digital infrastructure. More for the NHS and public sector pay would be nice, along with increases in the Personal allowance. Much more money to tackle the acute housing shortage in most of the country. Money to make the UK a leader in certain niche fields, such as building large numbers of Supercomputers. Allowing the government and our universities access huge amounts of computing power for their research, whilst also providing another pull for researchers in all fields to move to (or at least stay) in the UK, allowing our universities to remain leaders in science.

    In terms of fees my ideal would be to reduce them to somewhere in the range of 5000-6000, as it makes little sense to hand out billions in loans to people who never really had any chance of being able to pay them back. However, I don't like the idea of scraping fees entirely as I think that it forces people to think about what career options that their degree will actually enable, and weeds out those who would be much better served by an Apprenticeship or full time work. I also think that we should be given the same respect as the elderly and have the minimum repayment threshold triple locked, just as pensions are.

    To pay for this the planned decrease in Corporation Tax should be scrapped, along with all fossil fuel subsidies and tax breaks for all companies. This in conjunction with significantly more strict tax enforcement and the immediate closing of tax loopholes may allow for all of this whilst limiting an increase in the deficit.

    More funding for the NHS would be great.
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