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hey need some advice I'm in deeep **** and I mean deeeeeeeep ****
I haven't been studying (personal probs) and I'm really behind and i have good my GCSEs this may/April and was wondering if anybody on the same boat or has been and if so what the **** should I do?

any tips on how to go through sooo much work(especially maths I'm terrible at it) I'm doing the following :
-English literature AQA
-English language AQA
-Maths Edexcel
-Biology Edexcel Igcse
-chemistry Edexcel igcse
-Physics Edexcel Igcse

any help would be highly appreciated
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Hey! Same ive been struggling with keeping up with the work load and i just did my mocks and it wasn't great!!! The only one i know i will get over 90% is maths and i do edexcel. For maths just do past paper lots!!! it honestly helps and the more practice you do at it helps!
i am also aqa for eng lit and lang, for literature i made key quotes posters for my books and for poems i wrote the main quotes. Do it like a mindmap as it really helped me for my mocks. For physics and biology i am edexcel but not igcse! I would give you tips on biology but it wont be helpful as im not that great!!! But for physics learn the equations first, secondly again do past papers and learn what the mark scheme says! Like i did that and for my mocks even though they gave me this specimen paper, it had similar questions to the past papers i did do it really did help! Again i'm not rlly a pro at this, so dont trust me on it, but it works for me and i only started properly learning this year!!! Good Luck

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