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There's 40 minutes allocated for each question, we are looking at ~300 word answers I suppose. These are past exam questions. Help much appreciated in advance!

P.s. even listing some keywords/concepts to include in a good answer would be great!

1. With examples, discuss social media's role in achieving marketing objectives ("5th P of the marketing mix".

2. Compare and contrast traditional vs digital media forms.

3. Evaluating marketing communications has become exceedingly important. Discuss how different evaluation tools are used, indicating why they are important.

4. Discuss how consumer behaviour can be analysed in an online environment, and why these methods lead to business success.

5. Discuss the benefits and limitations of content strategy.

6. Use examples to illustrate how different communication levels are connected and functioning as a system. Discuss, using examples, how corporate objectives can evolve into communication objectives.

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