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How does Dickens use language and structure to describe Miss Havisham in 'Greater Expectations'

In 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens, language and structure is used to present Miss Havisham.

Dickens has used a poor orphan named Pip in the extract to emphasise the wealth that Miss Havisham has. This creates juxtaposition because the two characters live different lives. The phrase "no glimpse of daylight" was also used as juxtaposition. It means that every inch of the dressing room was covered with something. This shows that Miss Havisham has enormous wealth, which, again shows the different worlds that the two characters are living in.

Although the quote "no glimpse of daylight" means that Miss Havisham has wealth, it can also mean a negative thing. "No glimpse of daylight" detracts from the goodness of wealth because it makes the reader think that Miss Havisham doesn't experience any adventures or joys of the world.

Dickens also gives a message in the extract when he makes Pip, a poor orphan, say, "had been white long ago, and had lost its lustre". The message which is being given is that wealth doesn't always mean happiness. The quote uses "white" as a synonym for beautiful. Pip has realised that wealth can lose its colour - stop being "white".

In the last paragraph, Dickens uses a conversation to show the lonliness of Miss Havisham. The lady says, "What do I touch". Pip answers "Your heart," and the lady replies "Broken!"
Dickens uses an exclamation to emphasise pain in Miss Havisham's heart. He includes the conversation and creates contrast. Pip is experiencing difficulties financially, but Dickens makes it seem like the pain Miss Havisham feels is similar, or possibly worse, even though she has what Pip wants the most.

ok that's all i wrote
i guess looking back on it, i didn't include why miss havisham feels emotion, but i still think my teacher graded my work harshly

thx if you actually bothered to read lol

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