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Hi everyone!

I'm in year 12 at the minute and I have dedicated the last 3 years of my education tailoring it towards becomming a marine biologist, everything from choosing my GCSEs, to the motivation to do well in m GCSEs and also choosing my Alevels and now where I want to go to uni.

Is there anyone else on here that's an aspiring marine biologist??

If so...
1) What GCSEs / Alevels did you take?
2) What marine biology related course are you looking at doing in university?
3) What universities are you looking at going to?
4) What are you interested in doing in the marine biology industry?

(I'm aware that some people may not know so you don't have to answer the questions but feel free to ask me if you have any!!)
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My answers:
1) For GCSE I took Geography, PE and Drama (I thought I wanted to be a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld in year 9, hence the PE and Drama - I dont want to be that anymore but the geography was still helpful!) For Alevel, I took Biology, Chemistry and Geography.

2) I think I'm just going to do Applied Marine Biology with a Year in Industry. I did want to do Marine Biology with Oceanography but I found out that that's very physics, maths and geography based of which I didnt take any at alevel. I was also interested in becomming a marine veterinarian but I found at that I would've had to take Veterinary as a Bachaelor degree instead of doing Marine Biology BSc to do Marine Biology MSci

3) The uni I'm most interested in going to is Bangor as its only a 60 min drive from me and everytime I mention that I want to do marine biology, people always say "Oh Bangor Uni is very good for that!". Otherwise, I'm also looking at Liverpool, Plymouth and Exeter.

4) There is so much that I'm intested in doing! I think I really want to go into research and mostly into the deep sea, marine ecosystems or the migration and behaviour of marine mammals and fish. Otherwise I would like to go into conservation or finding ways in which we can decrease sea pollution to limit the effect on our marine ecosystems and therefore the effect on us humans.

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