Was I right to not go to this meal?

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I am in my late 20s and work with 5 girls who are all early to mid-20s.

One of them is a very nice person but is quite private, keeps herself to herself and doesn't socialise much. I respect this and she is very friendly and kind to me and respectful, and we talk a lot.

Anyway, she is clearly disliked by the other girls, even though she has never personally been rude to them or done anything unkind..

We have socialised together once or twice in a group with her but not much. The other girls socialise together pretty much weekly, but as we work together every day I prefer to sometimes be alone or see other people.

Anyway, they have been organising a dinner party and have been talking about it all week. I was invited but the other girl wasn't... but they werne't even discreet about it; they talked openly about it in front of her but nobody ever invited her.

Anyway, I feigned illness but the truth is I just found it a little cruel. She is not the most sociable but she has suggested stuff to them in the past and they have declined.. She was quite upset and I can see why.

Was I right to decline my invite because of this? I know they don't have to like her but I just don't feel it was handled well.
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Yeah I think so. I'm really shy and in the past I've had a group of friends stop being friends with me because I didn't talk that much when I was with them (this was at school). I did want to talk more, but I just found it really difficult socialising in a big group. Although I appreciate it must have been kind of annoying having someone hanging out with them and not doing much to contribute to conversations, I was still quite upset when they started avoiding me/talking about how they didn't like me when I wasn't there.
It's kind of a similar situation and obviously they didn't have to invite her, but I understand completely why you wouldn't want to go if you knew she was upset about it.
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These girls need to grow up tbh, imagine being in your mid-late 20s and still being deliberately spiteful to another person

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