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I am in year 11 of GCSEs and have taken a total of 9 subjects. In my country, it's compulsory to appear in at least 8 subjects for GCSEs (Urdu, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, English, Maths, {Biology or Computer, Chemistry and Physics} if you are taking science group, {Business, Accounts and Economics} if you are taking business group). I am taking sciences.
I appeared for Urdu, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies in 2017. I am the topper in my class and my teachers were sure that I will easily score A*s. I was expecting the same but the result disappointed me a lot. I scored 2As and 1B. My Urdu and Islamic Studies teachers also agreed with me, but I decided against getting my papers re-checked, because my grades could have further receded.
After appearing in these three subjects, I took Computer Sciences as an elective subject, because I love computers and loathe biology. Before appearing for Urdu, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies, I was somewhat sure that I'll be able to score A*s in all my subjects, but after the result and taking an elective subject (which is private as well), it all seems an illusion.
The exam timetable of May 2018 has been announced and I have clash in Chemistry(MCQs and Paper 2) and Computer(Theory), and Chemistry(ATP) and Computer(Practical). The timetable is pretty hectic and I'm always in no mood of studying. I know that I should study once in a while but I loose motivation when I'm able to score good grades in class tests without even opening preparing the tests.
I want to study properly not only because I want to get enrolled in my dream university (Oxford) after A'Level, but also because my parents are spending a lot by paying for my school as well as private tuition.
How can I get inspiration to study daily and give proper time to Computer Sciences?

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