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please keep anon or delete - i know people on here.

okay here goes. basically, im very cold with people. if there is a guy i like, i will just completely ignore him to give off 'get lost' vibes. it sounds weird, but whenever ive been nice to them in the past ive just got messed around.

and with my friends, theyve said to me before 'you could be nice if you tried.'

this was a huge slap in the face since i care about my friends alot, but ive had problems in the past with friends, i put up a barrier so no one can hurt me anymore and everyone has to keep their distance. i dont share anything with them anymore (except maybe one friend) or my parents for that matter. im just not trusting at all.

basically i want to improve all this. i dont want to be horrible anymore. i will insult someone just so people think im a ***** and wont try and get close to me, but then that makes me even lonelier. its very contradicting as you can tell.

is anyone else like this? what sort of things can i do to improve it? i dont want to lose my sense of humour but i want to stop treating people like crap. the only reason i have friends is because im funny, not because they think im nice. lots of people are scared of me as well. :eek:

thanks in advance

...did that make sense?

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