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Drama A-level? (???) (help

Conflicted over 'soft' subject drama

The A-levels I want to take are Physics, Maths, Drama (and English Lit.) However the sixth form I am going to go to only allows 3 A-levels (unless you take Further Maths). It seems that taking Drama as a third A-level instead of a fourth is not recommended.
Some Drama courses at uni will accept English Lit to get in, but I desperately want to take the Drama course and want to follow a theatre-based career path.
Any advice?
Bear in mind I can always join a youth theatre group near me if needed, or swap maths out for english lit.
Drama is def not a soft subject! I take Classical Civilisation, English Lit, Moving Image Arts, and Theatre Studies (Drama) - AQA . I have to write 3 essays a week for Drama and we are studying Antigone which is a Greek Play for our written. There is so much written work in drama! Are you doing GCSE drama? Imo I'd swap maths out for English
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if you want to do a degree in drama then you definitely need to do an a level in it
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Original post by Loulock
if you want to do a degree in drama then you definitely need to do an a level in it

Absolutely not, if you mean for drama schools where you complete actor training. I know people who have not done A level or BTEC drama and have still got in. It could be said that acting qualifications pre higher education are useless in the eyes of places like RADA and Guildhall. However, if you don't mean places like this, i.e. Having a degree in theatre in general rather than specifically acting, I imagine the A level would be important.
I know i'm probably way too late, but I'm in a similar situation. I want to do maths, further maths, physics and drama.
What A-levels did you end up doing?
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Hi,I’d think about what you want to do at uni. If you want to do a Drama or arts course, then drama would be really useful for your application. However, if you want to do a humanities, social science or science course, I’d make sure you have 3 traditionally ‘facilitating’ subjects.Above all this however you’ve got to make sure you chose A levels that you’re going to do well in. You’ll need top grades wherever you go!
My question is- I'm probably very very late for this. And why no one here has asked this looming question. Why, oh why, if you want to go into a drama based degree, are you taking physics and maths, too!? They are some the most respected and difficult subjects, yes, but neither will help you facilitate a dramatic degree. Neither will help out with drama. And let's be honest, the other two options have little to nothing in common with drama. My suggestion for anyone wanting to go into a drama degree is to take subjects based around or even a little closer to drama. Psychology or History are exceptional choices especially since psych helps with human behaviour and history can help with context for historical and period dramas. Perhaps even something like geography. Anything really within the humanities area. But the best in my opinion are languages, English Literature, Media and/or Film studies abd music. Anything with intensive reading and analysis should be good for drama- even if you want a performing arts degree and not a drama (as in studying plays, as yes there are two different kinds, well three since you can also do an even mixture of both) degree. But STEM isn't all too useful in the subject, perhaps engineering for understanding building different sets. Like I understand if you enjoy them but I don't think it's all too smart, even if you're picking the hardest subjects with confidence 😂
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