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I’m thinking of doing a career in something like fashion, business and promotion or fashion management and marketing but I’m not sure on what a levels to pick. I’m definitely thinking of business and maybe textiles but I’m not sure on a third option?
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I would say this is going to both be determined by what you enjoy and feel you are able to study with an outcome of good grades. There is no point in dedicating yourself to a subject if it is going to result in lower grades that could potentially sabotage your UCAS application for university, or image as an applicant to an higher apprenticeship or job. Obvious picks would come from a category known as the Facilitating Subjects, that are popular with most universities as they are more traditionally academic, and demonstrate ability in areas considered more demanding and less vocational. Some, that might suit you, would be the following:

English Literature
- Skills for essay-writing and independent analysis are learned
- You will demonstrate critical appreciation
- Improve language and grammatical understanding
- Show you can handle complex ideas and can interpret information in context
- Engages you as the student to communicate and compare knowledge and analysis fluently

- Focusses on the analysis and evaluation of sources
- Requires a lot of reading and critical appraisal
- Engages you as the student to communicate and argue knowledge fluently
- Asks you to take on a lot of independent study and research
- Is generally an interesting topic

- Complements your interests in business and fashion, since processing numbers could be vital
- A versatile qualification
- Challenging and well-respected by universities and employers (if done well)
- Engages logical and analytical thinking
- Practises numeracy and the ability to process/interpret data
- Formal writing of structured solutions, proof and justification
- Developing resilience, strategy and creativity with problems
- One con is that many colleges/sixth forms ask for you to achieve an A/B at GCSE to take the A-Level

With that said, it is all down to your personal feelings: Do you care much about the university you may attend after further education? What does your place of study personally offer at A-Level? And are there any A-Levels that are more exclusive to your college/sixth form that interest you?

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