Lied to by everyone my whole life..heartbroken need help/advice Watch

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Disclaimer: This is not a troll post so no harsh comments please

I only realised today that I'm ugly..I don't know how to deal with it I want to escape.

Now this has happened because from very young toddler age I was told 'you're so pretty'! I got this from my family and distant relatives/friends but mainly my mum. Also she used to spend a lot of time washing and brushing my hair so it grew so long! I found it weird that she put in as much care with my sister (weird cos she was the favourite and I wasn't).

Long story short, I was insecure from year 5 cos when I looked in the mirror I thought my features are asymmetrical, but because everyone told me I was very attractive I convinced myself that I had a sort of body dysmorphia and lacked confidence. To the point where I started taking pictures to boost myself and actually believed it.

I feel so embarrassed and ashamed. I've never been one to insult/criticise people (even when I became slightly vain) and think it's cos deep down I knew I could easily be teased cos I'm ugly.

It's really that so many times I'd take pictures posing confident and notice people would be just looking at me blank not mean or happy looking just blank.. some inside joke.

Realised that I've never been called ugly and I think this is because I've always been very nice to people. And usually when attractive people are vain people say your butters lol (cos obvious they both know the person isn't) but for me, nope they just stare probably been thinking this is awkward.

This has really affected me, I don't want to move, nothing. A lot of things in my life are explained now, I'm a 4 or 3.5 not grotesque but..

How could they? It's like when someone can't sing and goes on X factor and embarrasses themselves because no one (even family) didn't tell them they couldn't cos it's awkward :'(

I know looks aren't everything it's the fact I believed I was pretty that's a deception and I feel they sensed deep down I knew and was insecure which is why they said you're so vain etc you're pretty! :'(
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Well…. Ugly? Never felt that, never been through that. Ugly? Never experienced that emotion, truly, never... don’t know what that is. All I know is that millions suffer from it

but you can’t be that ugly like sorry to write off your sadness but if you were dead ugly people would struggle to look you in your ugly face and say “you’re attractive”, the fact they have to look at your face and say that lie about it… impossible. You have to look good to a certain degree for people to lie to your face like that.

Honestly though if you were as ugly as you claim, someone would’ve said it. In primary school and early secondary people are RUTHLESS, they don’t care if you’re nice or not - if your face is asymmetrical and you look like a potato, you’re gonna get called a potato

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