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    Basically I have this question to do: "To what extent was Truman's foreign policy in the years 1945 to 1952 a disastrous failure?".

    I know the content itself pretty well, but how do I actually structure this? Do I start off with an introduction (agreeing or disagreeing right away) or is there something else to it?

    My (shortened) plan is essentially this:

    • Introduction (I partly agree - there were some events [e.g. Indochina, Israel, China and perhaps the Korean War] that were mostly failings, but the successes were really solid)
    • US Administration of Japan post-war (positives and negatives) + mini-judgement on success of this specific policy
    • The Marshall Plan (positives and negatives) + mini-judgement
    • Berlin Airlift (positives and negatives) + mini-judgement
    • Korean War (positives and negatives) + mini-judgement
    • Indochina (negatives) + Israel (negatives) + China (negatives) + mini-judgement on this area
    • Conclusion (Truman's foreign policy was successful in Europe for the most part but not so successful in Asia/Middle East [bring in some previous examples for this point])

    When I say I'm doing a mini-judgement, I mean literally just saying in a sentence or two my overall impression of the policy and perhaps some consequences of it in the wider context.

    Would I need to improve anything or would this be good enough to secure me a decent grade?

    • TSR Support Team

    TSR Support Team
    I think your plan looks really great. With history, it's always really important to argue both sides and evaluate your own argument, which it looks like you've planned to do! I used to do my essays in a similar format and it worked well. So stick to what you've outlined here and I think you'll get a good grade as long as the content is good!

    edit; just realised this was a while ago so I'm assuming you've already done it?
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Updated: November 29, 2017


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