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okay so i've started to revise biology and these 6 mark questions are so hard and generally science is so specific. if you do not include a key word you loose a mark and its stressing how do i improve my answers in 4-6 mark questions please.
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Just keep practicing I know it's easier said than done but I remember doing papers and I'd write my answer. When marking id look at the mark scheme and see the key words they want and see if I had them. Be harsh when marking and you will get better at it. If I didn't have the key words then I'd write that specific key word on a flash card with the topic at the top. So I'd remember next time. If that doesn't work, think about what your writing what sounds better and if you've done your notes from the text book you should be familiar with the words they are looking for. My exam board was AQA and I bought the books they recommended and some of the words they used in the books were actually used in the mark scheme. For instance, they prefer the word 'complementary' than 'specific' which can be used in many contexts i.e in enzymes etc......

Hope that helps!!
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