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Hi guys, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows any points and criticisms of Augustine's idea of the Original Sin? Thanks in advance
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You can criticise the idea that we deserve punishment because of the sins of Adam and eve. Augustine claimed we deserved it because we were 'seminally present' in the 'loins of adam'. That's kinda ridiculous though.

We could defend Augustine by adopting a symbolic interpretation of 'The fall' episode. Perhaps we weren't exactly 'seminally present' but Adam and Eve were the 'archetypal' or 'prototypical' humans or perhaps they are just representing the idea of the human in the abstract - their sin then symbolises the sin that we, as inherently naturally sinful creatures, commit perhaps by our mere existence.

So although this involves getting rid of Augustine's taking of the bible literally, we can still reach the same conclusion he did by taking it symbolically: the conclusion being that this would justify the claim that we therefore deserve punishment and explain why we have a sinful nature.

You could also claim the garden of eden story never happened because we in fact evolved, but this can also be countered with the 'take the bible symbolically' counter.

You could also criticise by saying it's abominable to claim a child deserves cancer because of original sin. Though perhaps it's worth it if they get to heaven? Or is saying that even more abominable?

You decide!

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