Amber's 'no catchy title' journey to GCSE success! Watch

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If you couldn't tell from the title my name's Amber and I'm currently in the midst of learning to cope with GCSE's and the stress that comes with it!
I'm in year 10 but in my school we started the GCSE courses in June of year 9.
Now let me stop rambling on and tell you the bits that you'll be interested it (well atleast the things i'm interested in when I read these blogs)

What GCSE'S am I taking?
I am studying:
WJEC English Literature
WJEC English Language
WJEC Welsh
WJEC Maths
WJEC Maths Numeracy (because the welsh government thought one maths GCSE wasn't enough)
WJEC Physics
WJEC Biology
WJEC Chemistry
WJEC Religous Education
WJEC History
WJEC Geography
WJEC Music
and if you're from Wales you'll understand what I mean by the dreaded...... WELSH BACC

What are my predicted grades?
I'll put my schools predicted grades in the first spoiler block and the grades I want in the second spoiler block

Maths - A
Maths numeracy - A
English Literature - A*
English Language - A*
Physics - A
Biology - A
Chemistry - A
History - A
Geography - A
Welsh - A*
Religious Education - A*
Music - A*
TOTAL: 5A* & 7A


What I want...
Maths - A
Maths numeracy - A
English Literature - A*
English Language - A*
Physics - A
Biology - A*
Chemistry - A*
History - A*
Geography - A*
Welsh - A*
Religious Education - A*
Music - A*
TOTAL: 9A* & 3A's

Obviously my dream would be to have straight A*'s but I find maths and physics quite tricky sometimes so I think they would hold me back.

And for the last question....
Why did I start this blog?
Well there were a couple of reasons really. The main one I suppose is that I thought it would be nice to document my year and then at the end of this academic year I can look back on it all. The second reason is that sometimes I get overwhelmed with stuff that goes on in my life and it would be nice for me to have a place that when things get to much I can spill out all my emotions.

In the next update I'll give you my thoughts on GCSE's so far, recent test results and what I've done today so stay tuned!
Amber xo
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I can never find a catchy title for my blogs either, I'm glad someone is in the same boat your predicted grades look really good, and I hope you achieve your goals :love:

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