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recommended revision techniques?
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(Original post by harrison026666)
recommended revision techniques?
1. Go to all your classes and do all your homework.
2. Make good notes and understand the core material.
3. Add additional reading to the core material by wider research.
4. Practice exam questions and look at mark schemes to id where you can improve.
5.Make revision notes. More concise and key points. Get revision books if needed.
6. Practice exams.
7. Do all this in good time for real exams. be organised.
8. A social life, good nutrition, sleep and exercise will complement this.
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Look at:

1.The way you learn-visual, audio, kinesthetic
2.Twenty minute study 5 minute rest and repeat
3.Batch things to learn into 5-7 bits (no more then 9 or you will forget).
4. Baroque classical music only.
5. Colour, draw pictures,memory map,mind map, memory palaces, loci method, journey method, acronyms,poems, flash cards etc
6. Share what you know with others.
7.Teach what you know to others.
8. Study in wasted time -ie waiting for the bus
9. Visualise the exam in complete detail.
10 Dress as you would in the exam
11.Make your study area like the exam
12 Take time off to enjoy yourself
13. Smells can help recall, as does looking at the ceiling.
14 Flash cards - try writing question in red and answer in green
15 Associate with what you already know to build memory pathways

Sources:Intro to Psychology by Atkinson, Mind Mapping by Buzon

Highly recommend watching You Tube for A grade students.

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