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Uwe Aickelin
Report 18 years ago

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Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) are a new paradigm modelled after the 'real' thing. We believe that
they could be developed into an extremelypowerful tool to extract information from a database. In
order to confirm this conjecture, we decided to experiment with the task of extracting useful
information from a database of Internet addresses. Will an AIS be able to recommend sites of
interest to the user? Can it match 'antigen' users with an 'antibody' database?

To do this research we ask for your help. We would like you to email us the set of website addresses
(URLs) contained in your favourites or bookmark file. Please be assured that we will keep NO
PERSONAL DETAILS once we have received the email. We will simply copy the bookmarks into a database
and delete the email so we will not be able to contact you in relation to your bookmarks, nor will
we have any way of matching up the list of bookmarks with you.

Please send your files to the following address, which you can also use to ask us any questions you
might have or if you are simply curious about our research:

[email protected]

We estimate that we need about 1000 people's lists to make the research viable and so we would
really appreciate it if you can help us. So far we have collected 520. If you would like details of
the results of the research once it is finished then please indicate. If you agree, we will keep all
these email addresses separately to enter them into a draw for two 15 Pound tokens and so that we
can send the research details.

Please pass on our request for help to other people and mailing lists. More information and detailed
instructions how to extract and submit the bookmark / favourite file from your browser can be found

Thank you very much.

Dr Uwe Aickelin & Tom Morrison

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, UWE, Bristol, UK.
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