Robert Mugabe's government killed 1200 prisoners in 3.5 hours in 1996 Watch

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This was on channel 4 news last month after he resigned. A massacre took place in Chikurubi Prison in Harare in June 1996, where Human Rights Watch estimated that more than 1200 prisoners were shot and killed in just a few hours Amnesty International has called for an independent inquiry into deaths that occurred on 29 June 1996 an incident which some have referred to as the Chikurubi prison massacre a .HRW also calls the prison a "site of egregious human rights violations. Human Rights Watch also stated in a report that they were unable to independently verify the allegations of a massacre. The claims cited by Human Rights Watch are based on the testimonies of eye witness who have stated that they did not witness a prisoner being killed, but could hear shooting. The Zimbabwean Government has repeatedly denied the allegations about a massacre in the prison . In May 2005, a occupation group told Human Rights Watch that the guards destroyed the bodies and most of the evidence of it , . The guards opened fire on imamates and did so for several hours going around cells and throwing gernades in the yard and shooting anyone randomly. A survivor stated in December 2006 in an interview that at least 1200 prisoners died in just 3.5 hours, the prisoners were rioting over poor conditions and restricted family visits. In 2012 a international red cross person ". met with a number of families who claimed their family members had killed at the prison that day . She describes the massacre number as an uncertain estimate for several reasons; the main problem being the government's long term silence about the whereabouts of prisoners and their condition. She also describes eyewitness accounts of a mass shooting.[9] The families of the disappeared and killed formed a loose association and held numerous protests in Harare .The Zimbabwean government said in 2009, at the time of the event, that the killings took amid confrontation between prisoners and some rebels and the guards did not shoot anyone. In January 2011, a opposition member of Morgan Tsvangirai confirmed that it was carrying out an investigation into the incident along with international investigators. Do you think the new government can ever learn and find out what really happened and punish anyone if they are still alive who carried this crime.

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