Question About a relative who has Schizophrenia

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For the past two days my dad's relative's family stayed at our house. Their daughter has Schizophrenia ( 26 years old). on the first night she was really nice and she talked really happily with me and she was really happy. she told me that she had been cured of her schizophrenia even though i now know that is not possible.

The next day when we were having lunch, she would not stop staring at me and when i asked whether she was okay. She told me that i was giving of a really scary vibe which she found daunting. So after i finished eating i asked her whether she would prefer if i left the room, she said i don't know. ( her responses to any questions asked to her for the rest of the day was 'i don't know' or 'no'.) i left the room. and for the rest of the day she found me scary and we all decided it would be best for me to stay upstairs (away from her).

she is a really nice girl and i understand that she is not being rude to me on purpose but what would have caused her to suddenly find me scary. her parents told us that she has been refusing treatment recently and has not used her medication in the past 3 months, could that be the reason?
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yes that's probably the root of the problem... the trigger could have been anything from a dream/voices to some random perceived slight or grumpy comment to someone else, I wouldn't stress about it.

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