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Hi everyone, I am currently studying engineering to gain a level 3 BTEC 180 credit engineering diploma.

I think alot of people including myself have the underlying question can you progress and have the freedom, career and education wise, by coming out of college with a BTEC level 3 course or equivalent (A level, IB, scottish qualifications etc) and have good chances of getting a good job but also having that heavy sense of freedom to just go to university and study what you want.

There are probably alot of people with different qualifications that have paved the way landing themselves into university courses or great jobs just by pure luck. I mean look at Russell Brand, he doesn't have A levels or a university degree but look at his career development and personal empowerment.

I know that most successful people that have had bad A levels or left college with only their GCSE's probably have had rare contingencies and occurences aswell as freak luck and once in a lifetime opportunities. I know that my perspective on the way things go in life are probably stupid, make-believe and all fantasy. But I just want to know people's stories or know anyone that have ended up in a lifestyle and career path they wanted and who always had the sense of freedom to do what they wanted to pursue and strive for?

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