Social phobia/ anxiety and going to uni?

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I have been diagnosed with ADD and extreme social phobia/anxiety. It's something I really have been making an effort to improve on and I'm trying to force myself to go out into more 'uncomfortable situations'.

However, it's still something I really struggle with and something that affects almost every aspect of my life. For those who don't know about social anxiety, imagine the feeling of going into a GCSE/A level exam with no preparation on steroids.

Thing is I will be going to uni next year away from my parents. I am going to be forced into halls with a bunch of people I don't even know. This is something I am both excited and apprehensive about. I am excited as it's a chance to reinvent myself and get away from my reputation at my current school as a bit of an introvert but I'm really worried this won't happen and I'll just be that weirdo who lives in halls.

Is there anyone who suffers from social anxiety and lives in halls tell of their experience? This is something that is causing me great worry and it would be great if someone could offer some advice or tell me about their own experience.
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