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hi everyone,
I am currently in yr 11 and i am thinking about a-levels. I want to study medicine in the future and become a GP, but i dont want to study Maths for a-level as i really do not enjoy it and i know i wont put the work in. However, most medical schools that i have seen want maths... im stuck. instead i want to do chemistry, biology, and pschology- i feel i would really enjoy this!! But what is pschology like??!!? Is it hard? harder than maths??? i have checked past papers and it seemed ok... but im not sure as ive never studied it.
can anyone help! id reaally appreciate it if someone replied to me cos i neeeed helppp!!
thank youuuu xx
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As someone who is doing both maths and psychology for alevel ( I'm in year 13), I found maths to be significantly harder than psychology, hence I dropped it after AS.
Psychology Is mostly just memorising. if you know the book well it's not difficult to get a good grade in the exam. ( I got an A at AS)
Maths, is a lot about exam practice. lots, and lots and lots. if you don't enjoy it, then I wouldn't recommend taking it, as it gets so much harder than GCSE.
There are still med schools you can apply to medicine without maths. I know someone who got an offer, and she did bio, chem, French, you just gotta do your research.

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