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I really enjoy playing this card game but unfortunately have no friends that do.

Most people grew out of it but I am still into it. Really not that worried about the aspect of people thinking its a bit queer but much more frustrated by the fact I have noone to play with.

The TCGO isnt the same, what can I do ?
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If you're at school/uni start/join a tabletop games group - these usually are already in existence at universities and often at least informally in schools, and often have Pokemon as one of the featured games (although it's slightly fallen out of favour, having been displaced some years back by YuGiOh, which has since turned into a steaming pile of crap, and MTG which has always been around but is going through something of a renaissance currently).

With the popularity of Hearthstone and it's many imitators, MTG as noted is certainly receiving more attention these days, and by extension most well established TCGs are getting a bit more attention. This seems to be compounded by Games Workshop single-mindedly trying to destroy their empire, driving many tabletop wargamers away from that and potentially back into the arms of the TCGs most previously or still played.

Check out local hobby shops/clubs as well - tabletop wargaming society as noted tends to also be involved in TCGs and there will probably be a couple of pokemon fans among those.


I do agree though, the TCGO feels a little lacking in some way. This may be in part because I prefer playing with my older cards (back to the gen 1/2 era) which I can't do there (and even if I could, with the exception of a couple of game breakers like baby pokemon and Slowking/Dark Slowking maybe, they wouldn't hold up at all anyway with the way the meta's accelerated). There is a nice tumblr blog called "pokemon card of the day" or something similar, which is working it's way through all the sets (they're just a bit before the HG/SS era I think atm?) which helps scratch the itch for me a bit You may also want to see the GB TCG game - which I believe is getting ported to either the switch or 3DS soon (or both?) and is pretty fun.

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