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1) Breathe - some of you are signing petitions against the new 9-1 specification, however, your just a *bit* late now. Stop moaning and start working - YOUR FUTURE IS AT STAKE!!! (Not to be dramatic.)

2) Revise correctly - most bloggers and YouTubers always say revise, work hard, etc. . Most of us are baffled by how to revise, and for a year 11 student I have now found a way. (No thanks to the teachers out there.)
If you are a visual learner, use flashcards or, if you don't like writing, watch videos on YouTube. My personal favourites: for Maths - Maths Genie; for English - mrbruff; for Science - freesciencelessons. (This is how you exactly type it in.)
If you are an audio learner, make notes from YouTube and say your notes over and over again until you have it in your brain.
If these methods don't work with you - and I don't know why - try these ones:
*try moving around and see things that remind to your subject - this is mainly targeted for History students
*use mind palaces - imagine you are walking through a building, look around to see what you can find that links to your notes. E.g: for English Literature, if you are studying Macbeth, the first thing that you see in front of you are three friends doing black magic - representing the three witches. Your mind palaces can have logical problems in them.

The most important thing about this is to take breaks - go out with your friends, go shopping, go murder someone etc. - and have a sufficient amount of time to sleep - HOWEVER, in the last few months of your exams, block all distractions and focus on your revision.

BTW - I was joking about the murdering bit, DON'T DO THAT.

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