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Here are the following questions I need help on. If anyone has any idea, let me know.

1. Give the names of one piece of network hardware that operates on the Network layer.

2. Give the names of one piece of network hardware that operates on the Link layer.

3. Major parts of the Internet run on a packet switched network that relies on routers and gateways to communicate.

(a) What is meant by the term packet switching?

(b) A data packet contains a header and a payload. The header contains data that is used to route the packet to its destination.

State three data items that might be contained in a data packet's header.

(c) Explain the difference between a router and a gateway.
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1. Router
2. NIC (for the MAC address)
a) Breaking down the data into packets so that it can be transmitted over a network, each packet has a header and a payload.
b) Destination IP address, Sender IP address, Serial number (or packet number).
c) Routers are used to connect at least two networks (LAN or WAN), or to connect a LAN to its ISP's network, but the network must have the same protocols for example TCP/IP. Where the protocols are different, a gateway is used to translate between the networks. Gateway perform a similar job of moving data packets to their destination but the Header will be changed to the format of the network protocol being used.

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