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Okay hi guys i don't even know how to start this of i feel sick people may judge me people may judge my parents but I need advice please i feel sick i feel stained i feel hurt.

Basically today my mum have me her phone to find this item so I was like "I'll go through ur search history we'll probs find it" I saw something else i saw this web link called porn opening many videos had been watched.

I feel sick really i can't look at my parents the same way. They laugh in bed. I hear it and ignore it but it's getting to that point where I feel like screaming. My mum went on holiday for 3 weeks my dad was taking to get on the phone next to me and said to her to "being me what I need" and obviously it meant that.... I'm sick o can't explain any longer i! Scared. I'm sicK!!!!. They make it to obvious i can't take it anymore i can't look at them the same way i have been miserable and sick for the passed few days thinking about this.
Also yesterday in the kitchen my mum was like "i feel warm" my dad said shall I take it off" how sick how sick i don't know how I'm typing this online I'm
Probs get bullied lol.

What do I do?? I
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I'm sorry but are you being serious? They are inlove! They are human and inlove! Clearly you are too young to understand the value of having parents in a healthy relationship. Of course they are going to get it in sometimes, don't just think of yourself. I know it is awkward when they talk about those things but really stop for a second and realise how lucky you are to have two parents who are happy together. Mine divorced and it was rough and I'd do anything for them to get together, but that's not the way the world works. Look up to them, if anything.

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