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#1 And so it begins...

At the time of starting this thread/blog, I've got the worst cold I think I've ever experienced. It hurts a lot when i cough/sneeze/exist.
Enough about my cold - that's not what you're here for. So, what sums me up best? I'm a procrastinator but my work is (mostly) always in on time. I lead discussions in the classroom but outside of it I'm relatively quiet. I'm clumsy, I'm an emotional wreck half the time, and on my first shift at my current job I split two plates of food up the stairs. But I'm determined to get my grades and have an awesome time at uni

My academic background (read if you dare..)


At GCSE, I attained the following grades:

Maths A
Further Maths A
English Language A
English Literature A
Geography A
History A*
Latin A*
French A*
Double Science A*A*
Ancient Greek A*

At A Level I'm currently studying Classical Civilisation, Latin, French and AS Greek. I'm predicted A in all of these. I did take the AS for class civ but my results were dire so resits here i come woo:cheers:

U to the C to the A to the S

Ah, UCAS. the bane of every university applicant's existence. And what you're all here for.
So, ya girl's applied to study Classics and French (or Classical Studies and French depending on the university) and here's the current situation:
I submitted on the 10th October 2017. These are all BA courses with the exception of Edinburgh (MA)
University of Oxford
Interview invite recieved 27th November 2017. Awaiting rejection (lmao)

University of Liverpool
ABB offer recieved - 12th October 2017

King's College LondonAAB offer recieved - 19th October 2017
Royal Holloway, University of London
ABB offer recieved - 24th October 2017

University of EdinburghABB offer recieved - 15th December 2017

So, just waiting to hear back from Oxford now - I'll be gutted if I don't get an offer of course, but what's meant to be will be, and I'm happy to be completely honest about my offer/rejection and how it makes me feel. Alas, for now the waiting continues.

So aside from worrying about university, here's a few of my fave things to do:

  • Go to gigs. Don Broco are my absolute favourite band, although I do enjoy the likes of DEAD!, Ice Nine Kills, Hands Like Houses, Bring Me The Horizon, Whitechapel..I could go on all day. Any musical suggestions would be much appreciated!
  • Big fan of festivals. I do recommend Slam Dunk if that's your scene. Always have a whale of a time
  • Makeup is a hobby I'd say
  • I'm ok at writing. Kinda fun
  • I nerd out over Roman documentaries
  • these bullet points are giving me a headache now

Merci beaucoup for reading my first update, cya soon :wavey:
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#2 Study hell
Back again, a little under a day later. It's currently half past four in the afternoon (which i'm sure will be far later by the time this is posted), and as my friends prepare themselves to party the night away, I'm struggling with a Latin prose translation.
But I thought instead of whining about said translation and procrastinating any further - the sole reason I am writing this post currently - I'll show you how I'm (attemtping) to organise my work

So, OneNote has become my best friend. I've got a notebook for each of my subjects, within which I've got revision, class notes, essay plans etc....but most importantly I have to do lists of my homeworks.

'But isn't that what a homework planner is for?' Well that's where you're wrong Karen! Well, sort of.

My writing most of the time is barely legible. I can't tell if I've put 37 or 646268. I'm overexaggerating obviously. But having it all within OneNote (as well as all my notes and homeworks) I can keep everything in order (something I'm notoriously bad at), and ensure that I'm completing all tasks for all of my subjects. Genius!

I know this is a method several of you are probably already using, but I recommend it if you're not!

For now though,
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