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so i just came across this app on my Samsung earlier, technology is great! it allows you to measure your heart rate and blood oxygen levels by placing a finger on the sensor on the back of the phone. I wanted to measure my blood glucose level in the same way but it won't give me the option to do it by placing my finger on the sensor.

Do you think they'll introduce this at some stage as well as being able to check blood cholesterol levels?
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As far as I know, it's not possible to measure these things with the hardware they put on the phones. Personally I'm still amazed they took the time to include a heart rate sensor. Although, I'm not sure the blood oxygen level measurement is accurate as the one for stress isn't very useful. I've done it when I've felt very stressed and it's come out 'low' and it's also come out very high when I'm super chilled out and not worried about anything.

The measurement for heart rate is the only one I routinely use but it frustratingly only takes an average of five beats, which isn't really very many at all and I can get a range of 20 bpm over three consecutive measurements. I don't think my heart rate is THAT inconsistent!

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