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Theme 3: Control of the people/ Edexcel

I'm writing an essay on 'How accurate is it to say that Soviet governments were consistently hostile to religious groups in the period 1921-1964? ' and I need help on Lenin and how he dealt with religion.

Thank You!
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Marxism: Religion was the ‘opium of the masses’- the revolutions would liberate the working people from capitalist exploitations and the delusions of religion
Russian Orthodox Church would be seen as an ally to the Tsar. The Church was an extremely rich institution where the priests led good privileged life whereas the working people would still be poor Religion opposed many Communist ideals, e.g: equality Religious groups were a strong organisation with wealth which were separate to the government, so could be opposition Oct 1917: Decree on Land, gave the peasants rights to seize Church land Jan 1918: Decree concerning the separation of the Church and State- Church lost position in society, land/buildings/properties were nationalised. Religious education in schools was banned 1922: Soviet constitution guaranteed freedom of conscience for all Soviet people. 1917: Archpriest Ivan Kochurov was murdered outside Petrograd Jan 1918: Metropolitan Vladimir was tortured and shot in Kiev Jan, Orthodox priests were massacred after a Church degree ex-communicating the Bolsheviks in Moscow 1918: Politburo ordered the Cheka to mass execute priests Roman Catholic priests were excused from the first half of 1918 until the Civil war as they were against the Tsar. 1921: Famine, Soviet authorities seized Church assets to fund famine relief. Priests were blamed. 1923: establishment of the Living Church, used against the Orthodox Church and aided by the GPU Living Church also debated the science against religion Islam: closed mosques, discouraged pilgrimages, attacked Islamic shrines, opened anti-Islamic museums

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