Does poverty have an impact on education?

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It would be great if you could help out with my EPQ!
I would like to collate opinions on what other students have to say about poverty and the impact it has on education. some points to think about could be :
1. personal stories about your self, friends or even people you know.
2. just your general opinions ( it would be great if you could back it up with proof
e.g facts and statistics, what politicians have said etc.)
3. with each comment please leave your age and what level you are currently at e.g. GCSE, A-level or at university.
Thankyou very much for the help!
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If you take a sociology perspective poverty can have a massive impact on your education. For example some sociologists theories regrading educational achievement include :
- people in poverty / coming from a lower income will have less money to travel to schools which may be further away meaning that they can’t nesserally go to the good schools and have to go to the local school with the way the education is most school are very underfunded so if you go to a private school you are more likely to have better education as you have more acess to resources. Those in poverty or coming from a lower income might not have the ability to afford the fees of private schools education
- also people in poverty / or lower income Might not have the best diet because of not having enough for food which if you are hungry or not having a balanced diet this will effect your ability to concentrate
Has a table with information on Gender, Free School Meal Eligibility and Percentages of Pupils gaining 5 or more GCSE A*-C Grades including English and Maths

There are many other sociological explantations on educational achievement differences within the social class system which might be a worth a look at because it will give you research to back up your points

know these are not my own opinion but i thought it might help and To a certain extent I do see some truth in these theories but there are some weakness to them Like with most theories
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