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Can anyone help with ideas on my 2nd assessment its a creative writing piece and has anyone done the 1st assessment with kill a mocking bird
Atticus the Hero? Thanks
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Hello! I (somehow) got an 8 in my English Language mocks, so I thought I'd give you some tips!

In the Creative Writing piece, they will normally ask you to write about a time you did something or a time when something happened to you. Obviously, this can be real or imagined, but the examiners will be expecting you to write it as a story.

Before you begin writing, you should allow yourself at least 5 minutes to think about what you're gonna write. If it's allowed, ask the invigilators for extra paper. On the paper, you should plan your story by writing:

1) The beginning - How will it start? Who is the main character? What's going on?
2) The build-up - The events that build up to the main event in the story
3) The dilemma - This doesn't have to be negative, but it is the defining moment of the story.
4) The resolution - How do the characters react to the dilemma? How do they solve it/put up with it?
5) The ending - What happens as a result of what the characters have done? Will it be a happy or a sad ending?

Make sure to use language and structural techniques as much as you can to get maximum marks (but don't write sentences like 'The shimmering sun shone down brightly on the green grass' in excess, as this will be seen as trying to fit too many techniques in at once, and it can make the story's message hard to understand if you do it too much).

OK, hopefully I helped you! I can't give you an answer on 'To Kill A Mockingbird' or 'Atticus the Hero', because I haven't studied those books (I'm doing Edexcel).
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