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Hey all!
I've decided to make a GYG after seeing some of my friends do some and I hope this is a competitive one.

I am a boring 16 year old girl from Wandsworth going to sit my gcse exams in September 2018 in;

  1. Religious studies (p 8)
  2. Economics (p A)
  3. Latin and Greek (p 9)
  4. History (p 9)
  5. French (p 9)
  6. Spanish (p 9)
  7. Geography (p 7)
  8. Mathematics (p 7)
  9. English Literature (p 7)
  10. English Language (p 7)
  11. Biology (p 7,8)
  12. Chemistry (p 7,8)
  13. Physics (p 7,8)
  14. Dutch (taken in year 8, A*)

I will have 13 GCSE's in total and I'm thinking of self-studying Further Maths and Statistics but not for 2018.

I will hopefully update this whaaaaat every week or so?
My school is very demanding for Medical (aspiring) students from GCSE and we actually have to compete for our sixth form place...


As for Body Positivity, I really want more body shapes to be accepted, including my own which is 'lanky and skinny' I go to an all girls school


Pictured here


As for hair growth, I don't know if I should make a hair thread but I really want my hair to get longer and thicker and also somewhat embrace my natural hair texture (I am half dutch half English). Which is a frizzy thick mess but thin and straight due to constant straightening.

Should I and am I allowed to post pictures of the hair products I use or should I just give those who are interested my insta so I can send it to them?


I am going to be very honest, as inspired by another TSR member and this may offend some users. So disclaimer.
You may think I'm horrible after I vent some of my academic stress and trust me there is a lot at my school so
Olivia B. W
Badges: 14
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A level subject choices : Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Spanish

Forgot to add this UGH

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