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15,000 words MSc dissertation

So I've so far done 2500 words on the intro (which includes the literature review) and am thinking I'm gonna end up with about 7200 words. 200 for abstract, 3000 for intro, 1000 for method, 1000 for results, 2000 for discussion. I'm doing a psychology course which is heavily based on evolutionary principles and I've done first hand quantitative research. Can I still get a good grade if it turns out I only have about 8000 words (excluding references)? We've been told 15,000 is the maximum not a target. Is there any one on here that went below their word limit and got a good mark?

Thanks guys.
Just check there isn’t also a min word count required. As a general rule, the word count indicates the level of analysis expected (breadth and depth), so being far short of the max would lead me to ask if I’ve undercooked it a little.
Do you have a supervisor who can advise?
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that's way too few words. Being maybe 1000 words beneath might be okay, but 8000 is only half of what they are asking for.

My situation is the opposite - I'm at risk of going over.
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example for journal artcles analysis dissertation

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