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Hi all

Need some advice on picking which uni I go to now.

I got all 5 offers which Im really chuffed with but I have three that Im really considering. The two im not really looking at as of this moment are Exeter (cornwall campus) and Plymouth. The main three are: Portsmouth (Unconditional ), Leicester and Cardiff. Im really stuck for choice because the course I really really like the look of is in Leicester. They also have a load of bursary up for grabs as well as years in industry and loads of stuff. The problem is they are about 4 hours away which is quite far and inland and I love the sea . My other choice is Portsmouth which the course is good but not too mind blowing. But the real attractions of Portsmouth is that its only an hour and half from home. I also have very close family within half an hour including my Dad think of all the free meals!!! I also have a really good friend who I know is going. But that makes me think am I missing the point of going to uni and becoming independent. The guaranteed offer is very nice as well. Cardiff sort sits in the middle of the two extremes of course or location and has a great rep. I just really don't know. Any advise on my dilemma would be much appreciated
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Have you visited the unis? I'd say the most important things you should go on are course and location. The course being the most important, since that's what you're going to uni for, and the location being second as that's what will impact your wellbeing.
Look into as much as you can about how others enjoyed them and while rankings arent the most important thing, it might be good to see which ones tend to produce better students. Also think about which unis will offer better job prospects and what are their teaching rankings.
I mean I can speak for Cardiff, the city is an OK place but very dependent on where you are, And cornwall is stunningly beautiful and by the sea but quiet (obviously you aren't looking at it but it's one I know)
what course were you looking at?
Honestly, four hours isn't that bad in the long run. The one I'll be going is about 6/8 hours from me. Of course getting free food is nice, but going to university is an experience of independence so family shouldn't be something that limits you.
Out of what you've said here, Leicster really seems like the one you want to go to so I'd honestly suggest that. Portsmouth is better as your insurance.

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