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what to choose: nottingham or leeds

Hi, i'm an international student going to the UK in september to do a master's but i really haven't decided which uni to choose yet, nottingham or leeds. I've already read about both their reputations and quality, as well as people's opinions on this forum. Anyway, i'd appreciate new comments. Do employers prefer graduates from Nottingham over Leeds?

I'm 22, so hopefully not too old to still live the uk student life experience :wink: the master's would be in built environment at Nottingham, or in environment at Leeds. As far as the course goes, i prefer nottingham, but comments about the size of the city and its social life have me questioning about whether i should go to leeds.

I'm living in a dangerous and overpopulated city, so i'm not too worried about insecurity (it can't be worse than where i'm from). I've lived in a very dull town and now a very big one, and i prefer having something to do every night and new places to see in the weekends. since i like traveling, i would also like to know how difficult it is to travel outside the uk from either city.

Being an international student, I'm concerned about how receptive the university staff, students and general population can be. Also, i would need to find a part-time job to help my finances, so which city can offer me better prospects? I recently read that leeds is the cheapest city for students, while nottingham is the most expensive :s-smilie: (while working part-time). Is that true?

I'll post this on the Leeds university forum aswell, hoping to hear comments from both sides.
Probs Nottingham > Leeds, but there's hardly anything in it. Go for which city you prefer. And on that, I'm no great expert.
Students on campus Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Trent University
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Nottingham's international reputation is far superior to that of Leeds. It's a very strong University and the academic rigour of the course is very high here. I would say that in terms of the campus life, Nottingham has a very nice and large campus. You won't be disappointed by that.

As far as the city goes, it's big and there's plenty to do. You can take a bus into town for £1.40 and if you are a group of around 5-6 people, then a taxi is worth taking as it's between 5-8 pounds to and from city centre to University Park.

At the end of the day, your choice should be based around the course and that is it!
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nottingham definitely more reputable
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At the end of the day, your choice should be based around the course and that is it!

I don't agree with this. If you're happy with the course, but not where you are - it's not a great feeling. The city you're in plays a big part of it all imo!
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I had the same problem choosing between Nottingham and Leeds.
I chose Nottingham simply because job prospects for post graduates and the nice campus. Living there too was a deal because it is a much nicer cleaner city than Leeds in my opinion. But i also know that if i do not meet the grade requirements for Nottingham and have to go to Leeds I will not be disappointed with the night life. Leeds reputation is amazing and I visit it regularly. Saying that, I also know many people who say Nottingham has one of the best night lifes.
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So you're starting a postgrad at Nottingham this year? what subject?
I'm in the same boat. I confirmed my offer at both unis, but chose Nottingham as my first option.
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No im an undergrad who chose between leeds and nottingham as my first choice. Im studying Sociology at Nottingham hopefully.
I say this as someone who lives in Nottingham but goes to Uni in Leeds:

Nottingham probably has the edge (slightly) on Leeds, although Leeds is better for some subjects (English etc). Leeds is totally the better city though, bigger, more varied, less of a building site and more cultured.
Interesting im the opposite of you guitaromantic. I live near leeds but am going to uni in notts (hopefully).

Leeds really has a great night life - there are so many great clubs - Space, Mission, Gatecrasher, Subculture, Rios (if you're more into live music - I'm not though:P) loads of brilliant restaurants - simply too many to mention! As well as brilliant shopping.

However Nottingham's campus is fantastic and the halls look nicer than Leeds. Plus I think it's slightly more reputable.
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i agree Nott's campus is fantastic :biggrin:
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Cool, i'm torn between Notts and Leeds too, but i got offered a place for medicine and Notts seems to be very highly regarded for my course. Hmm..Notts' medical course seems excellent(BMedSci in 5 years!)but well, my first choice is still Bristol but i haven't got a reply yet so, let's see..
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nottingham uni has a better reputation than leeds and the nightlife here is amazin!