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A car with mass m1=1500Kg connected with a caravan of mass m2=1000 Kg through a coupler as shown in Figure 1 and we restrict are study to a motion only in one direction. The coupler is considered massless in comparison with the two connected vehicles and can be modelled as a spring of stiffness of k=70,000N/m (without any damper).

m2=1000................ m1=1500

a) Identify masses, motions with the associated position and velocity variables

b) Determine the kinetic and potential energies of the system.

c)Use Lagrange equation to derive the equations of motion, and write the equations of motion in matrix form.

(Hint: Consider that is a two degrees of freedom system without damping and without external force)
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Hey - sorry you haven't had any responses so far. I'm just going to pop this in the maths study help forum for you. Hopefully someone will see this there and be able to help

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