URGENT PLEASE HELP - Currently on U grades WHAT DO I DO

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I am currently studying Maths Economics and PsychologyI am finding maths and Economics very difficult and often find myself procrastinating to revise. I am currently working at U grades and really don't have the motivation anymore to carry on as all my teachers are so negative however I don't want to quit as my exams are only 4 months away.is it possible to change my grades in this time?

Maths -I am resitting my C12 and D1 this year and was wondering if anyone had any useful revision tips as I really do want to do well.

should I start by revising C1 first then moving onto C2 or should I just do them all together?

Economics-I really am not that good with the content and feel as though because everyone else in my class already had done GCSE economics they were moving at a lot more of a quicker pace than me meaning I didn't have that strong an understanding than others now I am finding there are gaps in my knowledge and I can't seem to get my head around some of the content Anyone know how I could revise for this?

Psychology-This is my strongest out of the three subjects and the one I feel as though I should be okay in as I am currently working at a C grade level which I think I can improve further by the time exams come.However any useful revision techniques would be helpful as there is alot of content to learn.

If anyone has any useful revision websites for Maths Economics or Psychology I would be really grateful
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I think I read on another post that if you feel like you are behind others who did the subject at GCSE, which for you is Economics, you could always buy yourself the GCSE textbook to read through. You don't have to learn what it says, but GCSE textbooks explain things in a more simple way to A level textbooks. So it could help you learn the basics that you're struggling with.
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I do economics and didn't do so at GCSE, the content is only the same in small areas and is very broad at GCSE level so it shouldn't be too great an issue. If you need some revision notes just drop us your email and I'd try to help out as much as possible on there. Without revision it's hard to do well I know I got a D in last years mocks but this year worked and been getting As and A*s in essays and am aiming for an A in May

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