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I am currently doing a PGCE and QTS, for my PGCE I need to write 3 masters level essays. My first one wasn't as critical as they expect and was too descriptive. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to write critically at masters level in PGCE. My second essay is on differentiation and SEND and also my practise. I understand they want me to critically write about how I differentiate for pupils, but I have searched everywhere for appropriate books on differentation and reliable sources/theorists opinions on differentiation and its criticisms. I would be really grateful if anyone could recommend any journals or research and the critics of differentiation, as well as if anyone had any exemplar masters level PGCE essays on the topic or on any other topic, so I could see what they expect.
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Are you at MMU writing your ILA?

I had to do something similar last year. You had to pick a student and then talk about strategies you could use to include that student in the lesson. You had a go and then reported on how it went. My top tips would be:

1. Write in the first person.
2. Read up on at least 10 papers about your chosen special need. I did low ability students
3. Compare and contrast the papers with your own observations in the classroom
4. Make sure you spend a good chunk of your paper offering your opinion. It is worth pointing out that 90% of educational papers are not worth the paper they are written on. They often use unscientific methods like small sample sizes, self reporting and no double blinding. Of course the nature of teaching and education make this hard to achieve but never-the-less, you can't draw any conclusions from one or two classes for example. Put this in.

Good luck!

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