PGCE critical essay on differentiation and SEND

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Hi All,
I am currently doing a PGCE and QTS, for my PGCE I need to write 3 masters level essays. My first one wasn't as critical as they expect and was too descriptive. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to write critically at masters level in PGCE. My second essay is on differentiation and SEND and also my practise. I understand they want me to critically write about how I differentiate for pupils, but I have searched everywhere for appropriate books on differentation and reliable sources/theorists opinions on differentiation and its criticisms. I would be really grateful if anyone could recommend any journals or research and the critics of differentiation, as well as if anyone had any exemplar masters level PGCE essays on the topic or on any other topic, so I could see what they expect.
Thank you in advance

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