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I know this seems a bit of a silly question, but i sometimes feel im not as healthy as i should be. Put it this way, i dont do any exercise (i make excuses that i have no time), i sit down far too much doing my uni work etc, and i drive too much when i dont need to. I eat rubbish, but i can only eat what my mum buys (i live at home) and if she does ever buy healthy food i dont eat it. I love healthy food but i just cant be bothered preparing stuff. Im going through a phase at the moment where im not eating much at all, i've lost 10 pounds recently. Im not even overweight, im of a very good weight, im size 10-12. I see my boyfriend at a weekend and he lives with his parents, who dont feed him, and he's the sort that doesnt eat much yet isnt hungry, so i dont eat anything or eat biscuits because thats all there is and im sooo hungry. I just feel i need to make some changes but i feel im limited because of uni, because i dont buy the food. I sort of get what im given. My mum is on a strict budget and doesnt buy enough food, or food i want to eat. I cant really afford to do my own shopping every week.

Im hopefully moving into a student house next year so ill have more freedom over what what i eat etc but i dont know what to do for the next 8 months before i move in. Any advice?
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If you are really worried about the situation you have two options really. Firstly learn to prepare food. It really doesn't have to be that hard start with the basics and perhaps you can move up and try more variety and in the end perhapse you might even end up liking it. The other option is having a word with your parents and asking if they can maybe start off preparing one healthy meal a week and that it might be better for the family.

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