Thoughts on LGBT+ representation within the media?

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Just wondering whether anyone on here has any opinions on the issue regarding the portrayal of minorities by the media, particularly of the LGBT+ community. I'm putting together a small documentary for my MEST 4 Media Studies production coursework and wanted to gain additional opinions from students outside of my college's population. It doesn't matter where you're from in the world or how you identify - everyone can have a say. I'm open to both good and bad perspectives, it's a neutral discussion after all.

If you could also give me your first name and where you're from that would be fantastic!

You don't have to answer all of these, it could just be one that sticks out/hits close to home for you (Disclaimer: when I refer to "media", it encompasses everything from film, TV, news, streaming, etc.):

1. How do you feel about current LGBT+ representation within the media?
2. How do you feel about the historical portrayal of the LGBT+ community through the media?
3. What tropes/stereotypes come to mind when you think of LGBT representation?
4. Do you feel the community is portrayed in a predominantly positive or negative light? (An example to support your answer would be perfect).
5. Have you watched 'In a Heartbeat'? What was your initial reaction and do you think this is the right way forward in light of representation for universal audiences?
6. Do you feel that there is an impact on how society treats/perceives members of the LGBT+ community from their media portrayal? (Examples to support your opinion would be perfect)

Thanks for your time!

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